Proinnovera, specialty CRO for dermatology research, celebrates its 20th birthday this year

20 Years – “Infinite Passion for global Health”

Proinnovera celebrates its 20th birthday this year. Founded in 1997 as a 2-men company by Dr. Burkhard Breuer, we have grown to a mid-size and still owner-managed company with 100 employees.

We are specialized on dermatology research: As one team with our staff, sponsors and partners we proudly and with passion contribute to global skin health.

Our 20th anniversary is a reason for joy. Therefore, on a first festive day and within a big birthday party we will express our heartfelt thanks all our staff.

On a second festive day, we will celebrate our long-term and successful collaborations with sponsors and partners. During the day part, our hometown Münster which is currently hosting the international exhibition “SKULPTUR PROJEKTE 2017” will play a central role. The evening event will be dedicated to our passion for global skin health. We look forward to donating the revenue of the evening tombola to “DSK – Deutsche Stiftung Kinderdermatologie”. According to their claim “A heart for children with skin diseases” DSK stands up for health and well-being of children with skin diseases in Germany since early 2011. This is an inspiring intention, which proinnovera will support as a CRO that is dedicated to skin health.