Do you lose sleep at night worrying that your dermatology trial will NOT be recruited on time? You can have the best hand-picked international team on your clinical study while maintaining your flexibility and your safety.

We are experts in the conduct of clinical studies in dermatology, oncology, and infectious diseases. Our extraordinary expertise is the result of the continuous development and fostering of a strong, confident, and target-oriented team.

Hundreds of clinical studies that have been successfully concluded within time and budgetary limits speak in our favor. We will dedicate ourselves to your study too, as if it were our own. You can judge the quality of our work on the basis of an accelerated start-up phase, successful patient recruitment, and an efficient completion phase. Your success is our inspiration.

Worldwide market leader in the therapeutic area of dermatological clinical research!

We cover the entire spectrum of services for a dermatological CRO in pharmaceutical and cosmetics contract research. Thanks to our outstanding network of recognized dermatological study sites and KOLs, we guarantee high patient recruitment numbers all over the world. We are also highly familiar with all photo control procedures and documentation electronics.

Since 2005 proinnovera has been awarded with the conduct of 95 Dermatology studies.

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Significant market share in oncological clinical research!

In cancer research and as your oncological CRO we have, in addition to clear expertise, in particular a distinct awareness of the complexity of this type of research. Throughout their careers, our Oncology experts have specialized themselves especially on targeted therapies and immuno-oncology. You will benefit from our experience and our network of oncology experts worldwide by entrusting us to conduct your study in a time- and budget-efficient way and assist you in the collection of valid data.

Since 2005 proinnovera has been awarded with the conduct of 38 Oncology studies.

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Significant market share in clinical research!

As an expert CRO we know that inflammatory diseases play a significant role in the area of immune and autoimmune diseases, genetically-related disorders, chronic respiratory tract diseases, and numerous additional diseases to which the body reacts with signs of infection. Based on our extensive experience, proinnovera is the ideal partner CRO for your study project on inflammatory diseases.

Since 2005 proinnovera has been awarded with the conduct of 37 studies in Inflammatory Diseases.

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